About us

GlobalNeth is part of the insurance company Achmea. GlobalNeth focuses on handling national and international claims. With our claim, risk and customisation services we help insurers, claim managers and risk managers. We work, because of experienced claim managers, customer-oriented and fast and as a result reduce your damage charges.

Our core values


Due to many years of experience in insurance, damage and claims we dispose of a great deal of knowledge in all areas of the insurance branche. In all these years we have learned that trust is one of the key elements. We are aware that trust must be built op. To build this trust, we would like to talk to you to develop a sound business relation. We will take our time to achieve this and will work hard to do so. We strive to be as transparent as possible.
As an insurer we understand your claim like no other


At GlobalNeth we work with a modern claim system that is constantly developed further to handle claims efficiently. We offer innovative solutions to better serve our clients.
Tomorrow the world will be a bit different


With a Net Promoter Score higher than 33 in customer appreciation, we are in the “Excellent” category. We are very proud of this. Our experience and knowledge help us to achieve this score. At GlobalNeth customer appreciation has a high priority, we will do everything to maintain this appreciation. In order to achieve this, the claim handlers work in four different regions within Europe by doing so each claim handler works in a region of his/her expertise. In this way they will speak the language at a high level and are well aware of laws and regulation in these European countries. Next to that we are active in several international networks.

These specializations ensure that GlobalNeth can handle damages and claims as well and efficiently as possible.
We already grant our services to more than 100 European insurers.

200 years of experience

Achmea was founded in 1811 in the Frisian village of Achlum. In those days families could lose everything when the family farm was burnt or struck by lightning. In order to restrict this financial risk, local formers decided to establish a company. This company was called “Onderlinge Waarborgmaatschappij Achlum” and forms the foundation of Achmea. Afterwards many mergers of local mutual insurance companies took place. Achmea developed into a service provider with all possible knowledge in the field of insurance.

GlobalNeth makes this expertise and experience accessible for everyone. This experience consists of for instance Domestic and foreign claims, various insurances like: Health Insurance, life insurance and non-life insurance and short-term and long-term customers. GlobalNeth always provides customization for you and your customers!

Why GlobalNeth?

  • 200 years of experience
  • High customer appreciation
  • All the knowledge under one roof
Marco Eerden

Let's get acquinted

Marco Eerden
Marco is manager at GlobalNeth, together with his colleagues he is engaged to give the customer the maximum assistance/help. There is a solution to every aspect.

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